Monday, September 14, 2009

Norman Borlaug- Father of Green Revolution

On 12th September 2009, the Great International Scientist NORMAN BORLAUG died due to cancer in USA. He was a true definition of PEACE and HUMANITY on this planet. He saved lives of hundreds of millions of people from hunger. This great scientist was born on 25.03.1914 in USA. He done his Ph. D. in plant pathology under Dr. Elvin Stakman, from Minnesota University, USA, in 1942. In 1964 he developed the semi-dwarf high-yielding, disease resistant wheat varieties in Mexico which SAVED lives of hundreds of millions of people from hunger. He came India on the invitation of government of India and started green revolution program from Punjab province. This 'FATHER OF GREEN REVOLUTION' was awarded NOBEL PEACE PRIZE on 10th December 1970 [ the ONLY agricultural scientist ever to receive the Nobel Peace Prize ]. He saved more humal lives than any other person in world history. In 1986 he established 'WORLD FOOD PRIZE' and the FIRST prize was awarded to the 'Father of Green Revolution in India' Dr. M.S. Swaminathan. On 17th July 2007 the USA's highest civilian award, the CONGRESSIONAL GOLD MEDAL, was awarded to him. He is no more with us but his GREAT research works will always play the important role in saving the life of poors; HE WAS THE HUMAN GOD FOR THE POORS and HUNGRY PEOPLE. [ Prabhat Misra, District Savings Officer, Etawah, U.P., India ]

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Dr.Lalit Narayan Mishra said...

yes, similarily Dr.Swaminathan and Mr.Subramaniyam played a pivotal role to make hungerfree india.Our nation salutes all these great saints.