Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ARTIFICIAL TREES: to decarbonise the global economy

Green trees convert 1%-5% of the solar energy reaching the ground into chemical energy; it is in turn used in building up the plant body, in their metabolism and in gaining their organic biomass. This is done with the help of unique phenomenon of PHOTOSYNTHESIS. It is this process which is NATURALLY controlling the GLOBAL WARMING. But due to continuous cutting of trees and uncontrolled URBANISATION and INDUSTRIALISATION the problem of global warming become very serious. Many scientists calculated that the problem will be inevitable after few decades, if no immediate effective actions are taken. To tackle with this problem the scientists are developing the prototype of 'ARTIFICIAL TREES' by using geo-engineering technologies. Such artificial trees will have the size of a shipping container and will remove thousands of times more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than an equivalent sized real tree; this may contain 'algae based photobioreactors'. So, these will be our future trees to save our future. [Prabhat Misra]