Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Road To Low Carbon Society In Copenhagen

There are less than hundred days remaining for the Copenhagen Summit, to be held in December 2009 at Copenhagen. Much has been written to low carbon footprinting but the excellent article is by Mr. David Miliband, [Foreign Secretary, U.K.] on his FCO Blog [ http://www.blogs.fco.gov.uk/miliband/act_on_copenhagen ]. Another great effort is from Mr. Ed Miliband. Now the question arises that what more can be done for the future to reduce the carbon emission. Here are few suggestions, which needed urgent attention. These are:
1. There should be a WORLD COMMISSION FOR SCIENCE AND DEVELOPMENT for promoting the researches and developmental works which have zero to low carbon emission.
2. There should a compulsory constitutional amendment to make ENVIRONMENTAL WAY OF LIFESTYLE a compulsory duty.
3. Our investment in R & D should be more on the forthcoming areas like solar, tidal, wind and water energies apart from on lowering carbon emission.
4. There should be a big role for N.G.Os. in implementing the plans & projects of government.
5. There should be effective programmes, at grass root level to save the environment from degradation, such as RED TAPE and GREEN VILLAGE [ http://www.blogs.fco.gov.uk/miliband/act_on_copenhagen ].
6. This should be the primary duty of DEVELOPED nations to provide financial help and green technology transfer to help DEVELOPING nations in phasing-out the fossil fuels.
7. Carbon caping should not be the one way legislation programme against developing nations; this may cause economic recession in developing world.
If we will consider the above points in COPENHAGEN SUMMIT09, then it will be better for the formation of a low carbon society. [Prabhat Misra, District Savings Officer, Etawah, U.P., India]