Monday, July 27, 2009

Global Warming- is there any remedy?

Global warming is the result of ' green house effect ' due to release of industrial gases into the atmosphere. Most of the gases are the result of combustion of carbon based fuels. These gases are mainly, carbon di-oxide, methane, CFC, ozone and nitrous oxide. Among these gases carbon di-oxide is the biggest contributor in global warming. These gases trap the solar energy as well as infra-red radiation which in return increase the earth temperature.
With the advent of industrial revolution in 19th century and population explosion the problem of global warming has taken the alarming position. Due to exponential growth of Homo sapiens, the world ecosystems are dangerously changing. Due to urbanisation, deforestation and industrialisation the problem of global warming is increasing day by day.
Today we are planning to stop green house gases emission and not planning to boost R & D for natural energy sources like solar, wind and tidal. Only by stopping fossil fuel gases, we can not check global warming upto required level. For checking global warming, we need to phase out carbon based energy by natural energy sources. [ Prabhat Misra, District Savings Officer, Etawah, U.P., India ]

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